Puerta Negra is a design studio focused on the functional and though-full development of wearables
through a design practice & premise.

We focus on developing garments with history and sentimentality 
through rescuing sewing and construction techniques.

Each one of our pieces are carefully handcrafted with a distinctive eye for detail and a zero waste approach
at our Studio in Caracas, Venezuela.

Our team consists of hardworking women that have dedicated their life to the fine craftsmanship of the construction of heritage fashion, through design, pattern making and sewing.

We produce limited and exclusive quantities at a human pace.


All of our fabrics are chosen carefully and consciously, we select fine luxurious fabrics, that are harmless to the environment and to our bodies.

We collect antique and vintage textiles, focusing on upholstery.
Our collections also include a variety of contemporary, 
vintage up-cycled and
dead-stock fabrics where past and present meet.